Norton Customer Support Number

As the matter of the fact, the market is loaded with a hue of antivirus which varies in features, interfaces, and prices. But Norton includes every required factor which is important to secure the top position in the race of becoming the topmost antivirus and security suite. It guards your devices against the threats and vulnerabilities and offers you trouble-free experience. In Order to get best out of your Norton antivirus product, Norton support is there to guide.

It offers the world-class features and a sleek interface and this deadly combination makes it the choice of millions worldwide. Also, due to being feather-weight, it doesn’t consume much of your system resources but cleans your device thoroughly from all virus, Trojans, spyware, and other infections. Norton is known for its affordability and thus it can be seen on almost every second device out there.

The main highlight of its free password manager which lets you secure all password in one place. In nutshell, Norton has given the best antivirus services so far, but while using the Norton products often users encounter numerous halts which affects the efficacy and strength of the product. These issues can occur at any point and leave you stressed. However, there is Norton technical support phone number exists, which is a special help unit to tackle the concerns and queries of Norton users.

Let’s see which issues are generally reported to Norton antivirus tech support phone number by users:

Some of these issues are repetitive in nature, hence you must be aware of the ways to reach the Norton tech support. To reach the Norton officials you must try the below-given means of contact.

How to Contact Norton Customer Service Center:

Norton is the leading the market by practicing excellence in the internet security. The cyberpunks are always on their toes to the find a loophole that can let them accomplish their unethical agendas. FYI, from software to pop-ups the virus can enter in any form. It can cause data-breach and other hazardous effects, if you are looking for support in such cases, try reaching the official Norton help services for Norton products.

Norton contact numbers:

There is no official phone number available on the official website of the Norton. But if you browse the web, you find few of the Norton customer service number which compiled below in the list. Try any of these there is no specific number is allocated for a particular support category.

Mailing address:

Symantec has proved its worth by introducing Norton and being the top product of the brand, Norton has its own support center in Symantec Corp. which can be accessed in various ways. The corporate unit has its mailing address, on which you can send mail letters for your technical queries or other concerns.

The mailing address for Symantec Headquarters is:

Norton Worldwide Headquarters
350 Ellis St.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Official website:

The official Norton Support, lets you access the support web portal as well as FAQs answered by Norton official. Click on: to access Norton support center. You get different links on the front which includes:

Then it includes three categories of FAQs namely:

Below the FAQ section, there is a search bar which enables you to find the articles addressing the topics specifically, you are searching for.

At the end of the page, there are three options which redirect you to the following:

Ask the community:

This link allows you to access the online community of Norton users. Click on join the conversation and you will be able to access the ongoing conversation or create the new thread.

Contact Support:

There is a live chat option with a “Chat Now” button. Clicking on which enables you to start a chat with online Norton chat.

Also, the site provides download, upgrade or renewal options to the new or current users. The only contact information you get is the contact form or live chat on the web portal, but the given Norton security phone number are proved to be helpful in reaching the Norton officials.

Third Party Norton Antivirus Support:

There are numerous ways to reach the exclusive third-party Norton technical support, .and one of them is the toll-free numbers. Call upon toll-free Norton support number and avail the best technical assistance of the time from experts.

Some of the major services offered by Norton security customer service:

Norton Renewal Support

It is important to install the right product of Norton which suits your device the most, but renewing your product on regular basis is the key to unbreakable protection. Norton offers the most straightforward reach towards renewing or purchasing Norton product. There is a step-by-step guide available to renew your Norton product. Contact the Norton customer service phone number to get the renewal done without any halt.

Norton Installation and Setup

If you are not installing the Norton product in the correct manner, you may have regular encounters with issues. Therefore, it is important to reach the experts to get a step by step guidance. Contact the team of Norton antivirus customer service via toll-free numbers and let them guide you through every step of installation.

Follow the steps to install the Norton products on your device:

Support for Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet security is the basic version for the users, it fights against the security dilemmas floating across the web. The web has become the most prone place as there are numerous cybercriminals waiting in the bushes to attack your device and a minor loophole can give them a fair chance. But with Norton Internet security, you can freely use the web without any fear of security threats. For this product, a special Norton phone number is available to offer customized support.

Some of the main highlights of Norton Internet security are as follows:

The Norton internet security services sometimes impact the performance of your product. If you are facing such issue, try contacting the Norton antivirus support number for troubleshooting the errors associated with the Internet security product of Norton.

Norton 360 Support

Norton 360 antivirus has given new definition to the antivirus protection, it includes a new and fresh range of features. Some of the popular features of Norton 360 are given below:

With this stellar range of features, it includes a sleek interface. This is why it is considered as the one of the top Norton products. But it is not totally free from technical faults and at some crucial moments, users come across unexpected errors which turns to a hazard if not resolved entirely. Let’s see the issues and their one-stop solution: Norton 360 customer service phone number.

Some common issues with Norton 360 are as follows:

To resolve this issue, you must have the adequate knowledge of all aspects of Norton security. As every issue may differ in nature and complexity but all of them can be resolved under one roof the product by calling the Norton 360 phone number in the most immediate manner.

Norton is prevailing its roots across the globe, and the web is laden with the information and manual methods to deal with Norton technical hiccups. So, now you can combat the dilemmas more efficiently. Apart from manual recovery methods, the independent Norton antivirus support phone number is one of the most authentic way to fetch a reliable solution and real-time technical assistance for the errors you are facing with your Norton antivirus.

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